Local Sourcing

Frosty Acres

Atlantic Food Distributors is a member of the Frosty Acres national marketing and food purchasing cooperative. Being a part of this buying group allows Atlantic Food Distributors to leverage the same purchasing power of larger food distributors, while still maintaining the high standards of customer service we provide as an independent distributor. The end result: quality food, competitive prices and unrivaled service.

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Protein Specialists

The Protein Specialists Company based out of Northeastern Ohio is a family owned, USDA meat processing facility with decades of experience in providing Wholesale Foodservice and the highest quality meats.

We are known as true experts in the arena of custom ground beef in bulk, fresh and frozen portion control patties. Additionally, we offer fresh portion control steaks, pork, lamb, and veal.

One of our other core strengths lies in our fresh corned beef processing which has now made us the largest producer in corned beef in a three-state area. As your supplier and partner, we are here to respond to these needs accordingly and lend our support by any means necessary. We are aware of the competitive nature of the industry, but we believe strongly in our expertise passed down through generations and the consistency, quality, and value we deliver.

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Ohio Proud

As a champion of local businesses, Atlantic Food Distributors is Ohio Proud and sources much of its food from local Ohio farmers and food processors. When you see the Ohio Proud logo, you know you are getting Ohio-made and grown products. From fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, to dairy products and snack foods, you can find Ohio Proud products in your favorite grocery store and at your local Farm Market. Ohio Proud is a quick and reliable way for you to identify Ohio-made and grown goods. Agriculture is Ohio’s number one industry, contributing more than $105 billion to the state’s economy. Ohio is home to more than 1,000 food processing companies and produces more than 200 commercial crops. Of these, the Buckeye State is a leading producer in more than 35 product sectors.

Why Buy Ohio Proud?

Every dollar spent on Ohio Proud products reinvests in the state’s economy. Support local farmers and food processors, your community, and Ohio’s livelihood by purchasing Ohio Proud products.

A 2007 consumer study found that 93 percent of those surveyed prefered to buy Ohio products over national brand. Of those surveyed, 90 percent indicated they would pay up to 50 cents more for items made in Ohio. Ohio agribusinesses, farmers, producers, manufacturers, and retailers help consumers identify Ohio-made and grown products by using the Ohio Proud logo.

Visit the Ohio Proud website.