Meat Cutter / Butcher

As an Atlantic Food Distributors meat cutter, you will be portion cutting a variety of beef, pork, lamb and veal. Most of our products are portion controlled for use in food service establishments. This requires good eye hand coordination and the ability to make small adjusts to each cutting stroke. Having a good understanding of all the cuts available in each species is a must. You will also need to be proficient at boning and trimming various sub-primals. You will also need to be able to operate basic meat department equipment such as, grinders, stuffers and band saws.

This is a full time position, we offer competitive wages along with paid holidays, paid vacation and an optional 401K plan. This a family owned company and our values are very important to our success. We are seeking individuals that match these values, Trust, Dependable, Teamwork, Commitment and Continuous Improvement.

Being part of a team, means you rely on others and they rely on you to be successful. The ability to work well with others and get along with different personalities is very important. Food safety and worker safety are very important in our operations.

You will need to able to stand in place for extended periods of time and work in a refrigerated environment (32-40 degrees). You will be required to lift boxes weighing up to 100lbs.

Having food safety certifications is helpful, but not necessary.

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